Griffith Elder Apps Privacy Policy

We at Griffith Elder are a UK based company with an office with lots of people. You can visit us at 1 Oaklands Park, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 2RW. You can contact us on 01284 719619.

Android groups itís permissions into odd groups which means that when you run our app it will ask for certain permissions that donít sound very necessary.

It will ask for permission to access contactsÖ this is used so that you can share or email your output data from the app. We donít go snooping around looking at your friendís contact details.

It will ask for permission to access your locationÖ this is a permission that lets us use the Bluetooth functionality, we arenít tracking where you are going, but we need to connect to the indicators and readers.

It will ask for permission to access storageÖ this allows us output your data to your phone when you create reports. We donít read anything that you havenít selected for import.

We don't store any of your personal information on our servers. The only way we can get your data is if you email it to us! And we certainly don't disclose any personal data to third parties. We may use your comments and statements in emails as testimonials for marketing. But we won't identify you by surname without your express permission.

If you delete the app all your data will. We won't store any data that we might have on file if you request for it to be deleted.