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Biogas Fuel Storage

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The Ton-Tel™ Biogas Fuel Storage Software is tailored to meet the needs of the Biogas industry using energy crops as a feed input. It drastically reduces the cycle time from forager to clamp, while combining ease of use with maximum data collection.

Biogas Fuel Storage - Features

  • Nets weight recalculation from true dry matter input.

  • Tickets are auto completed from previously applied data.

  • Set suppliers, field size, drill date, crop, variety, clamp and field references.

  • Set associations of supplier, crop and other data to limit user error.

  • Import data from CSV or Excel.

  • Versatile reporting capabilities.

  • Sync data from multiple sites to a central office.

  • Stable weight reading to populated weighbridge ticket in an instant.

Simple to operate

Tontel™ Biogas Fuel Storage Software is easy to use and versatile. To limit the chance of operator error, you can set associations between supplier, crop, variety, clamp, field and other relevant data. With a driver identification system in place, bulk changes can be applied, such as when there is a change in the crop variety. When a weight is obtained by a means other than the associated weighbridge, it can be entered manually by an operator with sufficient privileges. When a load is proportionally sourced from different fields, they can be applied to the system so that the ratio of the weights can be automatically calculated. Unfinished tickets remain in the uncompleted tickets box, which is featured on the main screen so that they are easy for the operator to keep track of. The software can be used with portable and fixed weighbridges. With a driver identifying system in place, the software will bring up a ticket populated with the relevant applied data ready to capture a steady weight.

Dry Matter Calculation

The analysis of dry matter need not slow the weighing operation at the plant. Target dry matter values can be applied to in loads, from which the net weight values are calculated. Later on when dry matter analysis test results become available, true dry matter values can be applied to the tickets, and the corrected net weights will be automatically recalculated.

Password Protection

Tontel™ uses a three tier password protection scheme allowing Operators to create tickets, Managers to create reports and limited access to settings whilst Administrators have full privileges to the settings and functions.

Powerful Reporting Function

The reporting is user defined, templates can be created. Tickets can be selected based on criteria such as date, truck, ticket number, supplier and crop variety.

Central Office Software

Weigh stations can be networked, and a central database set up to collate data from various operational sites. Reports can be done from multiple sites. Tickets from the individual sites can be viewed and edited with a full audit trail.

Additional options

A wide range of peripherals are available, such as: traffic lights and barriers for traffic easing; large displays for displaying weight readings; tag, ANPR or fob systems for driver identification.