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Container Weighers

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The Griffith Elder Container Weigher is a purpose designed system for monitoring the weight of industrial shipping containers. It is ideal for container filling to monitor shipping allowances, batch weighing as the container is being loaded, or checking and recording container weights as they are received.

Container Weighing - Features

  • Simple to install and operate

  • Ideal for container filling to maximise shipping loads

  • Tare function allows operator to only view load weight inside container

  • Weight of load displays on digital indicator as it is being loaded

  • Visual or audible alarm available for batch weighing to indicate target weight has been met

  • In built software available for check weighing and recording containers

  • Two colour alarm system shows when container is within its weight tolerance for overloading

How it Works - Calibrated Load Cells - Indicator

The weighing platform is made up of two weigh beams. Each weigh beam has two 12,000 kg load cells integrated into them, providing a maximum capacity of 48,000 kg. Between the two beams run locator tubes setting them the correct distance apart, ensuring the container fits correctly onto the weigher.

Simple to Operate - Automatic Recordings

The Container Weigher is very simple to use. The container is placed on the beams and the weight is automatically recorded in the digital indicator. Installation is extremely easy as the whole system is factory calibrated, so no special on-site set up is needed.

Robust and Reliable - Industrial Use

The Container Weigher has been designed for use in rugged conditions, and is built to withstand the most demanding workloads. This makes it a perfect option for recycling, agricultural, or mining applications.

Recording Options - Printers and Displays

There is a range of software available to use with the Container Weigher which varies to suit the application. Custom developed software for individual requirements is also available.