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Griffith Elder's Ton-Tel™  Farm and Industry Software is designed for ease of use and versatility. The first and second weight of each vehicle is recorded, as well as source and destination of goods. This allows each store total to be calculated and provides the gross, nett and tare weights for each vehicle.

Farm and Industry - Features

  • Automatic recalculation of stock levels in each store

  • Known vehicles can have tare weights input manually

  • Easy to read customisable tickets

  • Automatic calculation of nett weight

  • Weight of container correction

  • Crop moisture content correction

  • Versatile reporting function

Simple to Operate

The Ton-Tel™ Farm and Industry Software is simple to use. The vehicle is weighed as it enters the site, the operator inputs the vehicle data step-by-step and the vehicle then exits the weighbridge to collect or drop off its load. When the vehicle returns it is weighed again on the same ticket and the nett weight is automatically calculated, the product levels in store are then adjusted.

Storage Levels

The Ton-Tel™ Farm and Industry Software has been designed to record the amount of product that is in each store, be it a silo or a barn. This allows for easy auditing against theft, and can be used for accounting purposes. Each time a store is selected in the source and destination of goods section of the ticket, the amount of goods in store is recalculated. Allowances for waste and spoil can be added to ensure that levels are accurate. This information can be printed in a storage report.

Tare Weights and Vehicle Reports

The versatility of the software allows managers to add tare weights to any license plate, this means that known farm vehicles only need to be weighed once when full. Whenever a specific vehicle uses the weighbridge, the total amount of load carried to date is updated and can be printed in a report format.

Moisture Content

The software has the ability to amend weights according to moisture correction. The software contains moisture tables, therefore the moisture content of crops can be added to the software. The dry weight and the weight loss due to moisture loss in the drying process can then be calculated and stored on the ticket.

Customisable Ticket

The Ton-Tel™ Farm and Industry Software has customisable tickets and note headings which allow managers to select the information that is needed. The advanced features, such as moisture correction can be hidden when not required.

Powerful Reporting Function

The reporting function allows all or some tickets to be selected based on any criteria on the ticket, such as: date, vehicle, weight and product. The data can be filtered for example to select all of the information for one product over a monthly period, this information can then be placed into a report.

Additional Options

The software can be linked to traffic lights and road barriers which are fully automated and function when the operator finishes the ticket. If overloaded the truck is then directed into the police compound, if the vehicle is within allowable limits it is then directed back onto the road. License plate recognition cameras can also be used in conjunction with the software.