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Fixed Full Size Weighbridges

The Griffith Elder Ton-Tel™ Full Size Weighbridge has been designed to give high precision weighing with a system guaranteed to be long lasting and reliable.

Full Size Truck Scales - Features

  • Lengths range from 4 metres to 32 metres

  • Widths of 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 metres available

  • Other sizes can be made to order

  • Portable or fixed installation

  • Load cells chosen to match capacity of weighbridge

  • Proven reliability, lower total cost of ownership

  • 2 year warranty on electronics

  • Simple Civil Works - Take a look here

Simple to Operate - Plug and Weigh™ - Specialist Software

The weighbridge is factory calibrated so no special setting up is needed - just make sure the weighbridge is switched on and your vehicles are ready for weighing.

Heavy Duty - Durable - Built to Last

The weighbridge platforms are a heavy duty welded steel structure, the S-Type load cells are durable with no movement and the weight stabilizes quickly , and all electronics are sealed securely to endure all weather conditions. This robust design ensures a long working life of the weighbridge, and the high reliability of the load cells guarantees you a low cost of ownership.

Quick-Lock - Portable - Easy to Install

Each section is locked into position using the Griffith Elder Quick-Lock system for perfect fitting and quick and easy installation. The weighbridge can either be placed in a pre-prepared pit or mounted above the ground with ramps at each end. Ramps can be cast in concrete, or portable steel ramps can be made to accompany the weighbridge. All cables are plug-in for quick fit.

Easy to Transport - Modular Design

The Full Size Weighbridge has been designed to be easily dismantled and re-assembled. The Quick-Lock design enables it to be completely packed into a 40 foot container for shipment. Only a forklift or small crane is needed to place each component in position.

Recording Options - Indicator - Large Display - Traffic Lights

A large external LED display is available for quick and easy viewing of the weights. A traffic light can be used with the large display to tell the driver when to move on and off the weighbridge. The weighbridge can be used with a Griffith Elder indicator or direct to a PC. An extensive range of Ton-Tel™ weighbridge software is available.

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