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The Griffith Elder Flexi-BeamsTM provide a rugged, portable, weighing system which can be used in many applications around the farm and factory.

Easy to Use - Plug-and-Weigh™

Operating the Flexi-BeamsTM couldn't be easier, they are factory calibrated for maximum accuracy, so no special set up is required. The only set up required is for the Flexi-BeamsTM to be placed on the floor and for them to be plugged into the indicator and power source. They are now ready for use.

Flexible - Position Anywhere - Versatile Functionality

  • The beams are designed to maintain a high level of accuracy on both even and uneven ground

  • A variety of beam lengths and capacities are available. The beams are light weight for portability

  • The beams may be set at any distance apart for weighing a wide range of commodities such as pallets and boxes of produce

  • When under a livestock crush or simple platform the Flexi-BeamsTM are suitable for weighing all types of livestock including cattle, deer, horses, pigs and sheep

  • The built-in weight sensors are waterproof and robust

  • Each Flexi-BeamTM can take the weight of up to 2000 kg, or 4000 kg per pair

  • Up to four beams can be used together

  • If a platform is fitted to the beams, this can be zeroed out so the indicator only shows the load weight

  • Damping can be put into the sensors so that the beams can be put under a crush to weigh animals