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Hopper and Silo Weighing

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The Griffith Elder Batch Weighing Controller provides an automatic control for filling and emptying ingredients of hoppers and silos.

Hopper Weigher - Features

  • Fast accurate bag filling process

  • Easy to install and use

  • One button fill operation

  • Fully automatic

  • Robust and reliable

Accurate Results - Self Learning

The Batch Weighing Controller can be set to dispense a fixed amount at fixed times each day, or can be used in manual mode by pressing a start button. Outputs from the controller start the process and stop the product when the target amount has been reached.

Multiple Ingredients - Versatile Control

Most commonly only one or two ingredients are required, but extra outputs are available so that up to 32 ingredients can be individually weighed into the hopper. The weight of each ingredient is added independently, so discrepancies in weight of one ingredient will not affect the amount added of other ingredients. The advantage of this is that some mixture can already be in the hopper before the fill operation without affecting the new batch.

Loss-In-Weight Mode - Self Filling

The loss-in-weight mode adds more product to the hopper so that there is always enough ingredient ready for the next batch. The weight delivered is measured by the loss in weight of the hopper, so as long as there is enough to start the process the correct weight will always be delivered.

The advanced model also provides a readout of the instantaneous flow rate, the total weight dispatched and the number of batches. In a blending system or process control, a digital output from the Advanced Controller controls the feed so that a constant rate of flow is maintained.