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Horse Weighbridges

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The Griffith Elder Equine Scale is the ideal choice for horse owners to keep track of the progress of their horses. This robust scale not only provides accurate information essential to equine management but is user friendly and safe for the horses.

Equine Scale - Features

  • 2200 mm long x 1210 mm wide

  • Sides prevent horses damaging legs or moving off the scale

  • Ramps installed for easy access to the scale

  • Rechargeable battery allows operation in remote locations

  • Tare function allows operator to stand with foals or to make bed for animal

  • Easily disassembled for shipping or moving location

Progress management - Effective Feed Management

The Griffith Elder Equine Scale has been developed to accurately monitor your horse’s weight, allowing you to gather essential information for effective feed management, correct medication and maintaining the health of your animal.

Reliable and robust - Weightel Load Cells

The four 1,000 kg load cells are made from a single billet of carbon steel and plated for corrosion resistance. Load cells are fully waterproof to protect against dust and moisture in order to maintain a high level of accuracy and long-term stability.

Permanent or portable - Ease of Use

The sides of the scale are easily dismantled for shipping or moving location. The scale can be easily manhandled into position. Alternatively it can be set into the ground as a permanent installation.

Recording options - Indicator Stores Data

From the first few hours of your foal's life, a history of its growth can be measured. The indicator memory can store 10 weights for up to 50 horses, and optional software is available for recording onto a computer with historical reporting.