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On-Board Weighing

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The Griffith Elder Vehicle Weigher is a fully automated weighing machine, purpose designed for on-board weighing.

On-Board Weighing - Features

  • Simple to operate

  • Load cells designed to withstand overloaded vehicles

  • Vehicle weight displayed on digital indicator at all times

  • Visual and audible set point warnings make it the ideal choice for maximising payloads

  • 0.5% load cell accuracy guaranteed

  • Load cells factory calibrated for maximum accuracy

Accurate Results - Precise Load Cells

At the heart of the weighing system is a series of load cell sensors which bolt between the vehicle chassis and the body. These sensors take all the weight of the body through them and are accurate to within half a percent. They are always specified so that if the vehicle is overloaded they can withstand the extra weight. A range of sizes are available to suit different vehicle bodies.

Simple to Operate - Automatic Use

The system is simple to use, the weigher is wired through the vehicle ignition switch so is always active whenever the vehicle is being used. There are no buttons to press and the weight in the vehicle is displayed on the screen in the cab.

Indicator - Digital Display - Easy to Use

The indicator has a digital display which continuously shows the live weight. There are three set points which are used as warnings to the driver of the payload. These set points are set by a plug-in keypad, the set points cannot be tampered with as the keypad is removed when the weigher is in use. Two of the set points give an output to red lights on the indicator and the final one sounds a buzzer. The buzzer remains active until some of the load is removed, therefore warnings of overloading are both visual and audible.

Warranty - Weightel™ Digital Load Cells

There is virtually no maintenance required as the Weightel™ (digital loadcell) is factory calibrated. The product comes with an automatic two year warranty.

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