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Portable Single Axle Weighbridge

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The Griffith Elder Portable Single Axle Weighbridge has been designed to meet the needs of industry, where portability is of prime importance. The platform accommodates a single axle so that a wide range of vehicles can be weighed correctly even though the platform sits on the surface.

Portable Single Axle - Features

  • 2.5 metres wide

  • 20 tonnes capacity per axle

  • Only 300kg - easily lifted with a forklift

  • Quick and easy to use - no prepared site necessary

  • 2 year warranty

Simple to Operate - Plug-and-Weigh™

Operating a Portable Single Axle Weighbridge couldn't be easier, plug the platform into the indicator and switch the indicator on. The weighbridge is factory calibrated for maximum accuracy, so no special set up is required. The vehicle can then be driven onto the platform, the weighbridge will then automatically weigh the vehicle.

Robust, Heavy Duty Platform

The Portable Single Axle platform has load cells built into it which are robust and ingress protection rated IP68. The platform is designed to be regularly moved,  and is particularly hard-wearing. The load cells incorporate the latest Weigh-Tel™ digital technology and are factory calibrated for maximum accuracy at all times.

Automatic Weighing - Quick Operation

Weighing vehicle's with the Griffith Elder Portable Single Axle is a fast and easy operation. When the first set of wheels are driven onto the platform, the weight is detected and automatically captured into memory. Each set of wheels is weighed in this way, the weights are then automatically calculated and recorded.

Portable - 12V Battery

The platform can be lifted either with a forklift or a small crane. The Portable Single Axle Weighbridge rests easily on a trailer or flat bed truck for transport. The end ramps are built into the platform, therefore there is no assembly required before use. The weighbridge operates from 12 Volts DC and can be run from mains power or from leisure batteries, this provides flexibility for remote sites.

Recording Options

A large external LED display is available for quick and easy viewing of the weights. A traffic light can be used with the large display to inform the driver when to move on and off the weighbridge. The weighbridge can be used with Griffith Elder's Ton-Tel™ Software range.