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Spreader Monitor

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The Griffith Elder Spreader Monitor is an automatic weighing system used to monitor fertiliser and manure spreaders.

Spreader Weigh and Measure - Features

  • Simple to install and operate

  • Instant spread rate displayed while in operation

  • Hopper and spread weights automatically recorded

  • 0.5% accuracy guaranteed

  • Load cells available to suit a range of spreaders

  • All load cells factory calibrated ready to use

How it Works - Weightel™ Digital Load Cells

At the heart of the Spreader Monitor is a sophisticated weighing system that monitors the change in weight in the hopper as the fertiliser is being spread. Four stainless steel load cells detect the weight in the hopper. Load cells are available to suit most spreaders, ranging from 500kg to 12,000kg capacities.

Simple to Operate - Easy to Use

Operating a Spreader Monitor couldn't be more simple. Turn the indicator on before use, and turn the spreader switch on at the start of each job. When spreading is completed, simply turn the spreading switch off to view the data.

Area Measurement and Spread Rate

The area covered by the spreader is detected using either a wheel sensor or ground-speed radar. Area is only recorded while the spreading mechanism is engaged. Meanwhile, the Spreader Monitor shows the instant spread rate on the digital indicator while in operation, allowing the operator to easily maintain the correct spread rate.

Three Models - Versatile Indicators

The WS1 Indicator is the basic weighing system. The display shows the weight in the hopper and this can be put into memory for each load.

The Spreader Monitor type WS2 monitors the hopper and spread rate, showing the weight in the hopper, total amount spread, average spread rate and the area covered. When the WS2 is actually spreading it shows the live spread rate. At the end of each field or batch, a record can be saved into memory with the date and time of spreading.

The WS3 model has the same functions as the WS2, but also has an output on RS232 of weight in hopper and current spreading rate for use in field mapping.

Indicator and Printer

An easy-to-use indicator is available for use inside the vehicle. While spreading, turn the spreading switch on to view the rate of spread. The indicator automatically records the hopper and spread weights and the area covered. A printer can be added for a paper copy ticket with the spreading records on.

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