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Ultimate Crop Storage

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The Griffith Elder Ton-Tel Ultimate Crop Storage Software is designed to maximise efficiency with increased data recording for commercial Agriculture.  Nett weights are calculated by dual weighings, this information is automatically recorded on the ticket. Additional laboratory results can be input as well as storage and drying costs. This provides an all-round powerful computing utility.

Ultimate Crop Storage - Features

  • Ideal for modern grain storage

  • Separate tickets are provided for the driver and for business records

  • Labels are printed for sample bags

  • Analysis results can be added to each ticket

  • Admixture and screenings have associated costs and deduction tables

  • Advanced reporting function for stores, crops and accounts

  • Storage fees can be charged and recorded

  • Automatic calculation of nett weight

  • Known vehicles can have tare weights input manually

Simple to Operate

The Ton-Tel™ Ultimate Crop Storage Software is easy to use. The vehicle is weighed as it enters the site, the operator then inputs the vehicle data and crop analysis results step-by-step. The vehicle then continues to collect or drop off its load. When the vehicle returns it is weighed again, the nett weight is calculated automatically, the weight and all of the data is then saved onto the original ticket. The operator then selects the items that need to be printed, whether it be sample labels, a driver copy ticket or an internal copy ticket.

Full Costing Function

The Ton-Tel™ Ultimate Crop Storage Software has been designed to monitor the amount of product that is in each store/silo. It allows for easy auditing per customer by monitoring the date that the crop enters and exits the store. The software then automatically calculates the cost of storage and associated factors, such as admixture and screening costs.

Laboratory Data

Laboratory results can be included on the ticket to provide a full record of the  grain that has been stored for each customer.

Remote Communication - Central Database

The software database can be stored on a local computer or on an office computer linked over a network. If there are multiple weighbridges on site, they can all link to one central database. This means that a vehicle can weigh in at one location and weigh out at another.

Customisable Tickets

Ton-Tel™ Ultimate Crop Storage Software has customisable tickets, this allows managers to select the information that is required. The driver of a vehicle may be provided with a simple ticket whilst the internal ticket would include greater detail, such as the laboratory analysis and costings.

Powerful Reporting Function

The reporting function allows for all or some tickets to be selected based on criteria found on the ticket, such as date, vehicle and weight. Reports can also be produced for stores, crops, vehicles and customers.

Additional Options - Traffic Lights

The software can be linked to traffic lights and road barriers which are fully automated and function when the operator finishes the ticket.

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